Growing up, we were your typical sisters. We had that "rip each others hair out, but go ride bikes together right after" type of relationship. But as we got older, we grew incredibly close. Now we only want to rip each others hair out a fraction of the time ;) Our mom taught us everything we know about baking. Our favorite days of the year are spent with her in the kitchen baking all kinds of holiday treats. So, we decided to take our love for baking and turn it into something all of you can enjoy. 

As for the personal deets, we both live in Miami, Florida. Jenna is currently in school to become a Physician Assistant, and Jordan is a licensed attorney. We're both very sarcastic and love a good sense of humor. Although we have day job goals and aspirations, we would truly love to become entrepreneurs, which is why we're here! 


The Berman Sisters