jordan & jenna berman

Jordan & Jenna Berman grew up baking in the kitchen with their mom. There was (and is) nothing better than the three Berman girls in the kitchen telling stories, laughing and baking all of their favorite things. 

In the midst of Covid-19, as Jenna was preparing to start a rigorous Physician Assistant program, and Jordan was practicing as an attorney, they decided to team up and start By The Berman Sisters, in which their first product would be known as The Cookie Jar. 

In the beginning, The Cookie Jar was intended to be a temporary product (six weeks to be exact). After those six weeks, Jordan & Jenna would move on to a new product. However, as the end of six weeks was nearing, the Berman sisters realized they had seen so much success in such a short period of time. So, The Cookie Jar kept its name.

Within the first six months of being in business, Jordan & Jenna hit a few major milestones. Not only did they ship a Cookie Jar to nearly each one of the fifty United States, but they sold their 1000th Cookie Jar! And yet, their favorite accomplishment thus far is intangible - being told daily that their cookies are the best cookies people have EVER had.  Watch out Betty Crocker...

What are you waiting for? See for yourself!